Becoming a Guardian

We are a family breeder, not a kennel. This means that all of our breeding dogs live in a home as a family member.

Occasionally, we want to expand our pool of breeding dogs. When we do, we look for a guardian home. A guardian is an adoptive family that provides a loving home for our breeding dog during their breeding years. The guardian does not pay for the dog. The dog lives with you as a member of your family. Female dogs living in guardian homes will generally be bred four times between their second and sixth years.

As a guardian, you will need to make the female available when the dog goes in heat for breeding, and then she’ll need to come to us until her pups are weaned (usually 6 weeks or so after birth).

When she’s done breeding, the guardian will have her fixed and she’ll remain in their home as a member of their family.

If you’re interested in becoming a guardian, you’ll need to live in the Austin area. We will consider potential guardians of studs (breeding male dogs) who live more distant.

If you’d like to apply to become a guardian, please fill out our adoption application, and indicate that you’re applying to become a guardian.