Heartrock Beany n The Jets Fenway


Name: Heartrock Beany n The Jets Fenway

Nickname: Fenway

Born: August, 2020

Sire: Austin’s Chasing The Clouds Bo

Dam: Texas Labradoodles Sailor Mann

Fenway lives in our home. We purchased her from Heartrock Labradoodles in Austin, TX. She’s another one of our family pets. Fenway is easygoing and calm, and very affectionate. She loves hugs, and thinks she’s a big lap dog! She LOVES her ball and will take any opportunity she can to play fetch…for at least a few minutes! She’s tender-hearted, and is a snuggler!

Fenway has a gorgeous soft-fleece (allergy-friendly) caramel coat.

We can’t wait to meet her future litters!

Fenway’s Certifications

WALA: 00039915

OFA Elbows: Normal

OFA Hips: Good hip joint confirmation

OFA Eyes: Normal